Male Sterile Kikuyu

Male Sterile Kikuyu

  • Price: $10.45
  • Quantity:
  • Sizes: m2 - 30m2 minimum order
  • Delivery: Delivery Information: Delivery Days: Tuesday through to Saturday. Order Deadline: Order before 10am for next day delivery. FREE DELIVERY for orders over 30m2 (in the Adelaide Metro Area)
  • Availability: 24hrs-48hrs

Product Details

The Male Sterile Kikuyu is a very popular turf in South Australia because of it's hard wearing qualities and it's very high tolerance to draught conditions.

The turf holds a medium blade which allows it to grow with very little amounts of water and thrives in the dry heat that we receive here in South Australia.
It is an idea lawn for a holiday home and in direct sun.

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